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Ditch Depression + Be Dynamic

Aug 25, 2015 | Posted by in About, Journal | 0

Imagine a war torn city, finally ready to rebuild its grandeur after the devastation. Leadership set in place, vision is cast, and once weary men and woman take to the momentous task of rebuilding with fresh vigor. Hopes arise, only to be dashed by strong opposition halting all construction just after the foundations are laid. One year, turns to two, turns to twenty years! By this time oppressors have implemented high taxes for an unfavorable economic environment. Life is all around lackluster, with no foreseeable change on the horizon. People offer up weak prayers – if any,  without expectation of hearing anything back. In their minds, God has left. We enter this scene in the begging of the book of Zechariah. A prophet whose ministry was to the Jewish people. A people during this season, despised their days (4:10), and wereRead more …

DIY Massage + Edison Bulbs

Apr 13, 2015 | Posted by in About, BP Recommends | 0

Foam Rolling In my perfect world, I would have a full body massage scheduled every week like clock-work, right after my mani/pedi. Especially after intense work out days for active recovery. The truth of the matter, neither time or money will allow this activity frequency… Enter F O A M RO L L I N G. Benefits of professional massage without the time or price tag. Can I get a “woot woot”? We picked up a satisfactory foam roller here on Amazon. They are about double to purchase in the store. So what’s the big deal with foam rolling?  Increased blood flow Better body movement and range of motion Faster work out recovery Lengthening of muscle tissue Reduces pain I’m finally starting to value appropriate recovery and warm up methods into my work out routine, instead of blasting through long workouts, sweating,Read more …

A Tribute: Harvest Brown #8

Oct 27, 2014 | Posted by in About, Journal | 2

Have you ever met someone highly skilled in their craft? It probably wasn’t too long until they mentioned the “who” behind their success or inspiration. Nothing new is under the sun. All ideas stem from inspiration at some point already established. It is my intention to live with humility by giving credit to where credit’s due. Each of us have “pioneers” in our lives. Some demonstrate consistent encouragement, others have their life on display for us as bold examples of excellence. May I introduce you to one of my inspirations? Meet the beautiful, & original “Embellish-er”, Pat R. Brown. To me, she’s Auntie Pat, vivacious sister to my Mother. To the vintage living world she is known as, “Harv” because of her smash hit Annual Vintage Living Sale, Harvest Brown. If you spent an afternoon with my Aunt Pat, youRead more …

Don’t Hold Back

Aug 24, 2013 | Posted by in About, Journal | 0

    Every year that passes, I’ve found that it’s easier to shrink back from dreams. Predictable is much more comfortable. Doing the minimum is much more easy verses reaching for the maximum. Have you ever owned your own business?  Do you know what it feels like to have knowledge of a great product or service to find that no one else understands the greatness of what you have to offer? Have you ever had such a vivid dream you can smell the leather of that new car you’ve been saving for, or heard your fans screaming for an encore performance, or how about envisioned the ecstatic joy of satisfied customers faces after they experience your revolutionary product or services? I have news for you, no one cares as much about your dreams, products or services as much as you do. SoRead more …

5 True Stereotypes of Marriage the First Year

Jul 27, 2013 | Posted by in About, Journal | 0

  Married in a “church” without walls. Holy Moments. 1.) No One Can Prepare You. •                As we look back on this year, there is NO WAY anyone could of prepared us for what’s to come.  Including great books we’ve read, and mentors in our life.  In reality no one has the same journey. There are timeless principles, but each road has its unique twists and turns. 2.) The First Year is Hard. •                It’s true. The first year is hard. Before you jump to assumptions, let me share a secret that many miss; the first year of marriage can either be hard-negative, or hard-positive. You choose… •                Negative: In the Hebrew language, two words for “Hard” are ‘Niphal’ and ‘Piel’, meaning: 1) to be beyond one’s power, be difficult to do 2) to separate.  When an “issue” comes up, likeRead more …

We All Have Journeys, May as Well Enjoy it.

Jul 22, 2013 | Posted by in About, Journal | 0

Cameron and I had an impromptu trip to Lutsen, MN for a golf trip with Uncle John.  I tagged along for some much-needed solo-time.  The guys had an early tee-time, and I had an early date with the rugged trail. No schedule, no deadlines, just quite nothingness.  Besides the roaring river or course. And the choir of birds and rustling of the leaves as well. The muddy trail was so worth it.  —– During my morning trek I head the still small Voice say, “Brooke enjoy the journey. Enjoy the journey Enjoy the journey.” The next “to-do”, destination, goal, meal, Twitter update, is all irrelevant in getting the most out of the NOW.  The journey never ends, and the destination isn’t guaranteed.  So I may as well stop worrying about what’s around the corner and enjoy the process.  Cherish eachRead more …


Jun 23, 2013 | Posted by in About | 0

We’re almost a month into being “open for business”on my own. My confidence has sky rocketed, and my JOY has increased. And I think I know why…one word: Purpose. God has given me a passion for edifying others to reach their full potential. Thank the Lord I have an incredible vehicle to do this, where I am compensated along the way. Sometimes this passion of mine has created a great ambition that plowed though priorities like Husband, Household, and Holiness. When these three things are out of whack-BE WARE. Kris Hosch and assistant Madeline visited from New York, two powerhouses for the Kingdom, and powerhouses in business. Our leadership summit together was a catalyst weekend, which will propel us into the next 5, 10 years. They brought a purity of the Gospel, unhindered in the Marketplace, created a fire inRead more …

Week One of LTC

Jun 9, 2013 | Posted by in Journal | 0

5 5  Those who plant in tears     will harvest with shouts of joy. 6  Psalms 126:5   With an anti-climatic start to our first operating week of the LTC, there was absolutely a big fat DONUT in response to our ads the week before. I quickly got my act together and started booking interviews for Wednesday. The paid ads I put out Monday brought in inquirers by the handful. Go figure. You get what you pay for most of the time.   I managed to book three for Wednesday-one showed, not too bad.  A good chance to go over the interview, a great response, and a new candidate.  Until it was foiled by a lack of communication and over-COMMUNICATION. Totally disappointed. Oh well.  This is the end of the beginning. And and the beginning of a committed, steadfast process. This weekend asRead more …