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Ditch Depression + Be Dynamic

Aug 25, 2015 | Posted by in About, Journal | 0

Imagine a war torn city, finally ready to rebuild its grandeur after the devastation. Leadership set in place, vision is cast, and once weary men and woman take to the momentous task of rebuilding with fresh vigor. Hopes arise, only to be dashed by strong opposition halting all construction just after the foundations are laid. One year, turns to two, turns to twenty years! By this time oppressors have implemented high taxes for an unfavorable economic environment. Life is all around lackluster, with no foreseeable change on the horizon. People offer up weak prayers – if any,  without expectation of hearing anything back. In their minds, God has left. We enter this scene in the begging of the book of Zechariah. A prophet whose ministry was to the Jewish people. A people during this season, despised their days (4:10), and wereRead more …

Set Sail

Jul 23, 2015 | Posted by in Journal | 3
Set Sail

Tension lies between current circumstance and the inward yearning for M O R E. Daily responsibilities tug-of-war with our inescapable hopes and dreams. We all have them. Some dreams are practically hardwired from birth. Others emerge with change of seasons. Maybe it’s having a family, ending world hunger, writing a book, starting a business, or running a marathon? I must admit, I am all too familiar with this tension & dreams, however, I prefer vision. Vision is a powerful force that launches us into a vivid scene, like one in a movie. Vision casts us as the main character. With bravado our skills, passion, and heroism are showcased. Vision engages senses. Vision is God-given, smothered with significance. Dreams are dry and one-dimensional.