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Harvest Brown #9

Dec 11, 2015 | Posted by in BP Recommends, The Home | 0

Gather. A word encapsulating what “Harv” is all about, and a wonderful phrase to celebrate Harvest Sale #9 in Becker,MN. Throughout the season Pat gathers hidden treasures near and far. As the sale draws near, fierce  gathering within her own home, staging, beautifying, preparing, and harvesting for the nearing rush of enthusiastic buyers. Ask any onlooker or customer during the three day sale what gather means to them – they would tell you how impressed they are with the kinds of people that gather to the event. Forget rude Black Friday crowds cutting you off in the parking lot and turning up their noses as they scurry to the sale racks. This folk’s a different kind. Nostalgia and the smell of fresh coffee linger in the air. Each unique piece beckons for attention and awe. Conversation is rich between oldRead more …

5 Affordable Kitchen Updates

Jul 30, 2015 | Posted by in DIY, The Home, Thrifted | 0

We are at the one year mark in our home. One year of remodeling, dust, paint on my hands, paint in my hair, paint on my clothes, sledgehammers, nail guns, more dust and every tool imaginable gracing every square inch. Which is why, I am SO thrilled to share with you our 5 affordable kitchen update ideas that we implemented! Granted, some of which were only made possible by my handy husband. While others offer H U G E impact for a little time & money. We are very pleased on how it come together. Of course, homes are always a work in progress, but it finally feels “post worthy” and ready to serve in your kitchen quandaries. The first and greatest decision we made was to tear down this sucker wall that separated our kitchen and living room. ItRead more …

The Chelsea Chair

Jul 9, 2015 | Posted by in DIY, The Home, Thrifted | 1

Meet “Chelsea”. She started off as a shy recluse hiding in a muddle of junk at a thrift shop. Daily folks passed her by without a second glance, her beauty muted and long forgotten. My eyes sparkled with joy when I saw her, and her potential soared when I took a sit and discovered she was as sturdy as ever. I took her home, put some elbow grease into striping the varnish finish on the wood frame, and christened her with “color” in none else than… WHITE! Now she sits prominently in our living room – prestige and glory restored. I don’t know why I dubbed this chair “Chelsea”, because it sounds like a cheery and strong name. Appropriate for this chair’s brand new lease on life! I was quite pleased with this discovery, you are welcome to come haveRead more …

DIY Massage + Edison Bulbs

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Foam Rolling In my perfect world, I would have a full body massage scheduled every week like clock-work, right after my mani/pedi. Especially after intense work out days for active recovery. The truth of the matter, neither time or money will allow this activity frequency… Enter F O A M RO L L I N G. Benefits of professional massage without the time or price tag. Can I get a “woot woot”? We picked up a satisfactory foam roller here on Amazon. They are about double to purchase in the store. So what’s the big deal with foam rolling?  Increased blood flow Better body movement and range of motion Faster work out recovery Lengthening of muscle tissue Reduces pain I’m finally starting to value appropriate recovery and warm up methods into my work out routine, instead of blasting through long workouts, sweating,Read more …

Supple Skin & Super Sweat

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subway tile

I was feeling the urge to get back on the “posting” wagon. A good place to start? Sharing with you a few things I’m currently obsessed with. I hope you find some new faves from my new feddishes. Cheers! 1.) Mid Century Modern Decor I have a hate/love relationship with mod 50’s decor. There’s no way I could endure a whole house chalk full of it, however, I am LOVING splashes of a modern old era around our home. Looking for fun ways to make a splash with mid century mod in your pad? Accent with a light fixture, coffee table, or cool geometric decor piece. How about this dresser/chair combo!?   2.) Subway Tile Kitchen Back Splash I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes and sipping coffee in your newly-subway-tiled-back-splashed-kitchen. Subway tile is all the rage, and I’m catching on. WeRead more …

Temporary White Statement Wall

Nov 7, 2014 | Posted by in The Home, Thrifted | 0

Do you have an awkward wall in your home? We do! I cannot wait to post the “home tour” when our home is complete! Until then we are living on one level of our home while our downstairs gets completely revamped. Patience. Breath in, breath out. Thanks for bering with us during the dusty, unorganized journey. This particular wall separates the kitchen from the living room. We started by painting it from a deep red to white. FRESH. After a big sigh of relief with the fresh white wall , the blank wall was staring at me crying for some direction. SInce this is not a permanent solution, I went for cheap! I already had several frames in which I took out the glass and back boards. I picked up a few more from a thrift shop. I also sprayRead more …