Sugar Free Limeade

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Happy Friday to you! Or whatever day of the week I’m finding you… Nothing says summer like Lemonade, nothing says summer F U N quite like Limeade. Today , Cassidy and I bring to you a simple recipe for you and yours to enjoy for the rest of your summer days. It’s simple, sweet, and a real crowd pleaser.   Drumroll please… Ingredients: 4-5 Limes (1C squeezed) 1-3t stevia powder Water/Ice cubes Herbs for garnish Directions: Add juice to 1 Quart water, stir in 1t stevia, add another teaspoon if you prefer. Place in the fridge to cool. Serve with ice & lavender or mint for garnish Cheers to relishing in the final days of summer! Always Inspired, bp

5 Affordable Kitchen Updates

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We are at the one year mark in our home. One year of remodeling, dust, paint on my hands, paint in my hair, paint on my clothes, sledgehammers, nail guns, more dust and every tool imaginable gracing every square inch. Which is why, I am SO thrilled to share with you our 5 affordable kitchen update ideas that we implemented! Granted, some of which were only made possible by my handy husband. While others offer H U G E impact for a little time & money. We are very pleased on how it come together. Of course, homes are always a work in progress, but it finally feels “post worthy” and ready to serve in your kitchen quandaries. The first and greatest decision we made was to tear down this sucker wall that separated our kitchen and living room. ItRead more …

Set Sail

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Set Sail

Tension lies between current circumstance and the inward yearning for M O R E. Daily responsibilities tug-of-war with our inescapable hopes and dreams. We all have them. Some dreams are practically hardwired from birth. Others emerge with change of seasons. Maybe it’s having a family, ending world hunger, writing a book, starting a business, or running a marathon? I must admit, I am all too familiar with this tension & dreams, however, I prefer vision. Vision is a powerful force that launches us into a vivid scene, like one in a movie. Vision casts us as the main character. With bravado our skills, passion, and heroism are showcased. Vision engages senses. Vision is God-given, smothered with significance. Dreams are dry and one-dimensional.

Haitian Fare + Cashew Chicken

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When your little sister takes her first trip overseas & comes back itching to prepare a traditional meal she experienced…for us. Let’s just say we were not mad. Cassidy, 17 years old, had the chance of a lifetime to visit Haiti this summer with her dear friends originally from Haiti. I remember how impactful my first time out of the country was. Especially in an underdeveloped country – however, despite going without conveniences that I totally took for granted I relished in the experience and welcome future opportunities. Cassidy recounted witnessing a drastic change of pace, little electricity in many homes, and taking showers from a 5 gallon bucket. Proudly announcing she can take a full shower in less than half a bucket! America, take note! She also experienced the emphasis on community and fresh FOOD! The menu below represents specificRead more …

The Chelsea Chair

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Meet “Chelsea”. She started off as a shy recluse hiding in a muddle of junk at a thrift shop. Daily folks passed her by without a second glance, her beauty muted and long forgotten. My eyes sparkled with joy when I saw her, and her potential soared when I took a sit and discovered she was as sturdy as ever. I took her home, put some elbow grease into striping the varnish finish on the wood frame, and christened her with “color” in none else than… WHITE! Now she sits prominently in our living room – prestige and glory restored. I don’t know why I dubbed this chair “Chelsea”, because it sounds like a cheery and strong name. Appropriate for this chair’s brand new lease on life! I was quite pleased with this discovery, you are welcome to come haveRead more …

Puppy Love

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  Meet Maya. Our 11 week old Vizsla, who completely lives up to her breed’s characteristics: Energetic Loyal Affectionate Athlete Memorial Day, my husband Cameron and I innocently went to “look” at Viszla puppies at a local breeder. Knowing ahead of time each puppy was spoken for besides one unclaimed female. We justified it as an information gathering trip – as the Viszla was our preferred dog to EVENTUALLY get SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE. Two hours later we returned home with a puppy, without a kennel or a clue. This could have been a terrible impulse “buy”, however, Maya the pup has turned out to be nothing short than a great family addition! She has captivated us for three weeks now and her accomplishments include: 1st road trip to the farm (Cameron’s parent’s home in Southern MN) Sit/Lay WalkingRead more …

Dresser Makeover

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Benefits of summer include finding garage sales out on runs, hence, this killer dresser I spotted last week during my regular “loop”. Fellow thrifters understand, NEEDING something is not a prerequisite to look.  Consistent scavenging leads to the treasures. Consistent thrifting also builds up self-control to pass “good”, and wait for the great. I am NOT about collecting junk! My personal motto is if it doesn’t have a function, it’s gotta get. Since my husband was in need of more dresser space, this little find fit the bill. Here she was, staring back at me. Tired, old, and in need of TLC. I took her home, used leftover Rustoleum Transformation Kit I recently used for my cabinets, and mustered strength for elbow grease… I thoroughly cleaned &  prepped all surfaces, inside of drawers, and removed all hardware. After debating purchasingRead more …

DIY Massage + Edison Bulbs

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Foam Rolling In my perfect world, I would have a full body massage scheduled every week like clock-work, right after my mani/pedi. Especially after intense work out days for active recovery. The truth of the matter, neither time or money will allow this activity frequency… Enter F O A M RO L L I N G. Benefits of professional massage without the time or price tag. Can I get a “woot woot”? We picked up a satisfactory foam roller here on Amazon. They are about double to purchase in the store. So what’s the big deal with foam rolling?  Increased blood flow Better body movement and range of motion Faster work out recovery Lengthening of muscle tissue Reduces pain I’m finally starting to value appropriate recovery and warm up methods into my work out routine, instead of blasting through long workouts, sweating,Read more …