Harvest Brown #9



A word encapsulating what “Harv” is all about, and a wonderful phrase to celebrate Harvest Sale #9 in Becker,MN. Throughout the season Pat gathers hidden treasures near and far. As the sale draws near, fierce ¬†gathering within her own home, staging, beautifying, preparing, and harvesting for the nearing rush of enthusiastic buyers.


Ask any onlooker or customer during the three day sale what gather means to them – they would tell you how impressed they are with the kinds of people that gather to the event. Forget rude Black Friday crowds cutting you off in the parking lot and turning up their noses as they scurry to the sale racks. This folk’s a different kind. Nostalgia and the smell of fresh coffee linger in the air. Each unique piece beckons for attention and awe. Conversation is rich between old friends and sparks fly between new ones.


This marked the first year of visitors arriving before the (garage)doors opened for business, multiple customers making the trek from over 200 miles away, and a woman who had been looking for 5+ years for the perfect buffet, and finally found one at this year’s sale!




Harvest Brown is a family affair. Gavin, Pat’s son came from Duluth,MN to spend the day loading heavy things, entertaining customers, and sipping chili and “conversating” with his Momma!

The love is in the details…

Sweet study time or beautiful reflections?_DSC0069


_DSC0083Worker bees and precious friends stopping by to score some treasures.

Be true…_DSC0088

Of course behind every great feat is at least one other amazing person. To me, he’s Uncle Todd, to the world, he’s THEE Todd Brown. The behind the scene master mind, muscle, and magnificent support! These two are a force to be reckoned with. Be forewarned that spending time with them at their sale may induce extreme inspiration, creativity, and merriment. Proceed with caution.

Cheers Aunt Pat – Harvest Brown, for a smashing sale #9!

Always Inspired,


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