Spring’s Deception + Salvation’s Reality

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Spring, is a time to come out of hibernation. A time to put away yoga pants and sweaters. A time to clear out clutter accumulated in previous gloomy months. To start fresh. A time to trade all things cozy for longer, lighter, & warmer days, brilliant color, and renewed vigor for adventure. Arrival of Spring can also be deceptive! The snow melts away, birds return with familiar song. Spurts of warm weather invigorate our senses along with our hope. Just as I begin to accept this new reality, a blizzard strikes! My car wash, now in vain with it getting hammered with salt and dirty snow yet again. As much as Spring brings about hope, Spring can bring about doubt. As devastating as an unexpected blizzard can be, even more excruciating is a deception that can come following Salvation and newRead more …

Be Steadfast

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Take heart. A mother bird prepares a nest for the nearing arrival of her eggs. Each morning she awakes with the dawn, scouring for perfectly fitted sticks, straw, grass, and cozy material that will be “home” for the most crucial time of her young’s life. She hears no applause, receives no encouragement for her efforts but day after day she gathers with a fierce expectancy of life to come. Gathering sticks is a ‘glamourless’ affair. It’s her instinct moving her to persevere, guaranteeing her efforts will not be in vain. As I quickly approach motherhood for the first time, my heart is stirred to reevaluate my purposes in a new season. One of probable intensity, little reprieve, and daily repetitive tasks. All with a hope of a great future for my family & child(ren). A hope which I imagine, getsRead more …

Harvest Brown #9

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Gather. A word encapsulating what “Harv” is all about, and a wonderful phrase to celebrate Harvest Sale #9 in Becker,MN. Throughout the season Pat gathers hidden treasures near and far. As the sale draws near, fierce  gathering within her own home, staging, beautifying, preparing, and harvesting for the nearing rush of enthusiastic buyers. Ask any onlooker or customer during the three day sale what gather means to them – they would tell you how impressed they are with the kinds of people that gather to the event. Forget rude Black Friday crowds cutting you off in the parking lot and turning up their noses as they scurry to the sale racks. This folk’s a different kind. Nostalgia and the smell of fresh coffee linger in the air. Each unique piece beckons for attention and awe. Conversation is rich between oldRead more …

Ditch Depression + Be Dynamic

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Imagine a war torn city, finally ready to rebuild its grandeur after the devastation. Leadership set in place, vision is cast, and once weary men and woman take to the momentous task of rebuilding with fresh vigor. Hopes arise, only to be dashed by strong opposition halting all construction just after the foundations are laid. One year, turns to two, turns to twenty years! By this time oppressors have implemented high taxes for an unfavorable economic environment. Life is all around lackluster, with no foreseeable change on the horizon. People offer up weak prayers – if any,  without expectation of hearing anything back. In their minds, God has left. We enter this scene in the begging of the book of Zechariah. A prophet whose ministry was to the Jewish people. A people during this season, despised their days (4:10), and wereRead more …


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Anxiety strikes without warning. It’s like a little kid with a new squirt gun. Always hiding out and ready to aim-fire at the next opportunity! 40 million Americans struggle with prolonged anxiety. That’s a lot of uncanny squirt guns. Tension lies between necessary stress keeping us from danger and spurring us to action and prolonged stress. A final exam, a job interview, illness, having a child, moving, losing someone you love, divorce or even a first date. Fire will surround you, but will it consume you? I am certain being a Christian does not guarantee a life without pain. In fact, it usually increases the odds. There is however, a secret advantage which I aim expose. There is a place of calm we can run to in the midst of the ugliest storms. He is like a tree planted byRead more …

Set Sail

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Set Sail

Tension lies between current circumstance and the inward yearning for M O R E. Daily responsibilities tug-of-war with our inescapable hopes and dreams. We all have them. Some dreams are practically hardwired from birth. Others emerge with change of seasons. Maybe it’s having a family, ending world hunger, writing a book, starting a business, or running a marathon? I must admit, I am all too familiar with this tension & dreams, however, I prefer vision. Vision is a powerful force that launches us into a vivid scene, like one in a movie. Vision casts us as the main character. With bravado our skills, passion, and heroism are showcased. Vision engages senses. Vision is God-given, smothered with significance. Dreams are dry and one-dimensional.

Puppy Love

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  Meet Maya. Our 11 week old Vizsla, who completely lives up to her breed’s characteristics: Energetic Loyal Affectionate Athlete Memorial Day, my husband Cameron and I innocently went to “look” at Viszla puppies at a local breeder. Knowing ahead of time each puppy was spoken for besides one unclaimed female. We justified it as an information gathering trip – as the Viszla was our preferred dog to EVENTUALLY get SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE. Two hours later we returned home with a puppy, without a kennel or a clue. This could have been a terrible impulse “buy”, however, Maya the pup has turned out to be nothing short than a great family addition! She has captivated us for three weeks now and her accomplishments include: 1st road trip to the farm (Cameron’s parent’s home in Southern MN) Sit/Lay WalkingRead more …

DIY Massage + Edison Bulbs

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Foam Rolling In my perfect world, I would have a full body massage scheduled every week like clock-work, right after my mani/pedi. Especially after intense work out days for active recovery. The truth of the matter, neither time or money will allow this activity frequency… Enter F O A M RO L L I N G. Benefits of professional massage without the time or price tag. Can I get a “woot woot”? We picked up a satisfactory foam roller here on Amazon. They are about double to purchase in the store. So what’s the big deal with foam rolling?  Increased blood flow Better body movement and range of motion Faster work out recovery Lengthening of muscle tissue Reduces pain I’m finally starting to value appropriate recovery and warm up methods into my work out routine, instead of blasting through long workouts, sweating,Read more …